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2010-07-14 03:12:24 by dynamizer

I come back on to find that some of my songs have been really liked and downloaded!
gonna continue working on production!

less song production

2010-04-12 15:49:58 by dynamizer

will try to make songs but you wont see them made as much


2009-09-14 21:59:53 by dynamizer

Gotten a lot better than when I first started and now
have a bunch of songs im working on. leave comments
on the songs! i love reading peoples input on what they
think of my work! tips and advice accepted



2009-04-12 00:12:34 by dynamizer

I think Ive been making music long enough
to now move on to full songs more so I can get a
better grasp of how to make them. Any support,
advice or feedback would be very much appreciated!